Party Hire Sunshine Coast



Need lighting? No power? No experience? No problem! Our simple but powerful range of wireless lighting solutions comes with no strings (or should we say cables) attached!

Want to light up large areas (walls, buildings, trees) with brilliant colour? Check out our battery operated Quad 4 LED uplights and wall washer lights. They are dimmable, feature multiple colour options and lots of special effects.

Want to create a glow/uplight effect for smaller areas? Check out our compact under table glow lights and centrepiece lights.

And for special effects lighting, why not hire our DMX mixer board to sync together individual lighting units or use our star laser shotglass to illuminate banquet plates, table centrepieces, corridors, windows and walkways.

Easy set up and pack down, budget prices, brilliant effects – our wireless lighting solutions are the perfect event decoration option for local event organisers. Party hire Shine Coast lighting with a twist!

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